Saturday, January 14, 2006

Love one another is in fashion...

Another Girl Fight

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

As MySpace Grows, So Does Scam is an incredible company. Unparalled growth, great people, lots of features and and a growing social network of (as of this writing) 48,000,000 people!

I must say that I am very impressed. After being on line for nearly 12 years, I haven't seen very many companies grow that fast in only 2 years and even sell for as much as they did.

So, this little blog entry is to compliment

However, whenever you get that many people together, scam artists and opportunity seekers start lurking to see if there is some money to be made. In the new few days, I will be revising some of the programs resources, both good and bad, in my opinion, after reviewing them.
Though my personal opinion, perhaps you can steer clear of scams and fraud, protect your identity and even your kids.

Stay tuned.